How to Get a Job while Studying With Student Visa in United States

Working in the United States with the student visa can be a pain in the neck. You only get limited 20 hours per week to work. But, if you are only here to work then you can actually work off the book and make money. But then again you will have few hours to study. Remember you will have to be a full time students in America with student visa, which means you will be taking minimum 12 credit classes. The amount of school work load will be a lot for you to focus on just work. It's easier if you are from a rich family because then you can simply focus on your studies without working outside.

But, lets just say you are willing to study and work hard to make money. How do you do that? Well, you can work off the book, which means you will be work for cash only. Now, you might ask how do I find a job? You can work in groceries, gas stations or at any convenient stores. Almost, all of the states have groceries and gas stations. There is a lot of them so you will find job easily there. They also pay decent amount of money. And the good news is that most of them pay off the book. So, you can work as long as you want. And if you get a decent boss you will be able to study at work too. Now you might ask, how much will I make from working at a gas station? I will say that depends on your boss but you will make more than $8 per hour. So let's say you work for 40 hours then you will get $320 total. That's actually pretty good for a single person. You will be able to save some of that money. 


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