How Do Foreign Students Live Permanently in America

When a foreign student enters into the United States as a student, he starts to build a dream in his heart to have a successful career with a respectable position. But after a few days, he realizes that it is really hard to live permanently in the United States with the student visa. Even though, he works hard to achieve the university degree for four years and spend lots of money on the tuition fees and other expenses, he must go back to his native country at the end of the day. But, now I am giving you some tips on how you can live permanently in America without marrying any American citizen or staying illegally.

It is quite easy to get jobs in American companies and firms if you get good scores in the University. If you study in the technical sites like Computer Science, Accounting, Computer Networking, Biomedical science, Dental hygienist, Graphics designing, Finance and Automobile Engineering, getting job will be much easier. Look for companies that will hire you even if you are a foreign student with student visa. Trust me there are companies that loves to take foreign student. In fact, some of these companies will even sponsor you for a longer stay. As soon as you get a job, these employers will apply for the H-1B visa which is a non immigrant visa in the United States. This visa allows you to work in that company legally. When you work for that company for few years, you will get the permanent resident card to live in America permanently. 


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