Which American State is Good For Foreign Student's With Student Visa

Many of you wanted to know once you get your student visa which state you should go to and why? My answer to that question is that, it all depends on you. For example, if you go to New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles you will be able to commute easily since these cities have good train and bus rides. Most of the foreign students with student visa cannot afford to get a car, insurance and then the maintenance of that car, which is why I recommend to stay in big cities because of the better transportation system. If you are to go to New York City, you can ride the entire city with only $5 by using train and bus, which is really cheap compare to states like Florida and most part of the California, where you must have your own car to travel around. Getting a car can be little expensive specially if it is your first time in America. I know most of the foreign students come to United States with limited cash, so my suggestion would be to stay in bigger cities for few months or maybe until you finish your degree. So for transportation big cities are good but what about for living and job?

Most of the big cities are very expensive when it comes to renting a place. Cities like, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles can be very expensive to get a apartment or even a single room. But, if you move to states like Florida, Georgia or any other remote states you can save lots of money since the living expense is less. You can easily rent nice apartments in smaller states and live happily. It is also easy to get jobs easily in remote states since not that many people live there and less competition for the jobs. Both big and small states will give you the same living luxury so it really doesn't matter if you live in a big state or a small state. 

So, if you ask me which state you should go to? I will say if you have money to pay for a car and it's expense then go to a smaller state since you can save lots of money on housing and jobs are easy to get. But if you don't have enough money, go to New York City where you can travel around with public transportation and also get decent jobs. You might also find your home country's people in big cities, who might be able to help you with housing and work. 


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